Trainee Account Executive Job Description

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Trainee Account Executive Job Description

The job of a trainee Account Executive is primarily to assist the marketing sectors in order to produce campaigns for their clients. The candidate at this post will act as the link or bridge between the advertising agency they are working for and the clients that they deal with. Also known as an account handler, the candidate will be responsible to coordinate the given campaigns and create a good communication flow between all those who are involved.

Trainee Account Executive Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a trainee account executive would involve the following:

  • Held meetings and liaisons with your clients in order to discuss and finalize their advertising requirements.
  • You need to work with your agency’s account planner so that you can device a campaign that suits your client’s budgets.
  • After finalizing the campaign along with the cost, you would be required to present the plan to your client.
  • Then, you would brief the creative team as well as formulate the marketing strategies.
  • You will be in charge of negotiating with the client throughout the project, informing them about any new developments and making sure every deadline is met.
  • The entire account budget will be in your hands.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the project, arranging meetings with the clients and reports will be under your supervision.
  • Finally, you need to pitch your work along with other agency members in order to win new business.

Trainee Account Executive Skills and Specifications

While applying for this job, you need to be:

  • Fast to asses and acquire a lot of important information.
  • Imagination is of utmost requirement. Enthusiasm and energetic comes along the way.
  • Outgoing and diplomatic.
  • Ability to present an idea to make it believable.
  • Very organized and flexible in mind.
  • Good communicator.
  • Great at working in teams.
  • Smart and commercially educated.
  • IT literate.

Trainee Account Executive Educations and Qualifications

The basic educational requirements are:

  • A degree in advertising, marketing and business is necessary.
  • If not a degree, then at least 2 A levels or 3 H grades with 5 GCSE or any equivalent qualifications.

Trainee Account Executive Salary

The average annual salary earned by a Trainee Account Executive lies in the range of $25,000-$33,000 annually depending upon the qualifications of the candidate, work profile and type of company.

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