Transportation dispatcher job description

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Transportation dispatcher Job Profile and Description

Transportation dispatchers coordinate the movements of means of transport like trucks, vans etc that are entering terminals. A transport dispatcher contacts drivers and communicates with them through computers, phones or two-way radios. They assign the drivers to their respective vehicles and make sure that they leave and arrive according to schedule. Dispatchers are available at all times to answer any questions from the drivers, inform them in case there are traffic jams and let them know of bad weather ahead.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Dispatchers need to keep track of the progress that drivers make along their routes
  • They use large control boards in a company’s office to follow the route taken by the drivers
  • They also check the drivers’ in and out time and transfer these records into a company’s files
  • Besides dealing with drivers on a daily basis, they must also handle any request and complaint made by the customers
  • Dispatchers work on a rotational basis, that includes night shifts also, and may have to work on weekends and holidays

Skills and Specifications

  • Dispatchers need to have strong communication skills; they must give instructions clearly so that they are understood by the drivers
  • They must be able to work under pressure
  • As dispatchers receive a large number of calls and problems at the same time, they need to stay organized and prioritize the order of calls
  • They also need to be adaptable to lengthy and strenuous working hours; dispatchers generally work a 40-hour week, and spend long periods sitting at their desk

Education and Qualifications

Transportation dispatchers need to have at least a high school degree or its equivalent. Most dispatchers begin their career as drivers, where they not only learn about rules related to driving but also about the company’s operations. Usually the company also provides on-the-job training.

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