Transportation Job Descriptions

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Without transportation no development takes place.  Good roads are a must for the transportation of commercial as well as personal vehicles. Transportation sector is very big and wide.  It has a very intricate and complex network.  The jobs in this sector can be divided into two.  One that arranges the transporting and one that transports.

The administration or managerial wing of the transport industry is in every nook and corner of the country.  Literates with good knowledge of office work and other correspondence works will get jobs in these offices. Some of the managerial posts where one can apply in the transport sector include transportation manager, transportation supervisor, transportation specialist, transportation security office and many others.

The second or the transporting section will look for drivers, assistants, loaders, laborers, supervisors etc. Experienced drivers will be in great demand.  C & F agents, offices, shipping and cargo offices, aviation transport etc. will need educated, smart, young guys to manage and run these offices. Some of these job profiles will include truck driver, van driver, ambulance driver and many others.

The different types of jobs in transportation sector will need different skill sets and educational qualifications. This site will help you to get detailed knowledge about the job descriptions of various profiles in the transportation field.

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Transportation job description

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