Travel Consultant Job Description

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Travel Consultant Job Profile and Description

travel consultant is a person who provides information, advice and dealing with all elements that are related with travelling. They make all thevacation arrangements. There are specialized consultants i.e. domestic, international or interstate travel. They research the best places and make accommodation and travel arrangements for the client.

Duties and Responsibilities

travel consultant job duties and responsibilities include:

  • To market and sell holiday products to the customers.
  • To meet the set sales targets.
  • Discuss the client’s wants and needs.
  • Provide information about the best destinations places, tours accommodation and transport.
  • Organizing promotional materials for the company.
  • Addressing any complaints that could arise from the customers.
  • Liaising with hotels to give your clients the best deals for less.
  • To make plans and preparations for clients.
  • Make travel and accommodation plans for the clients.
  • To take care of all the documents needed before travel.
  • To confirm bookings for the clients.
  • To notify clients of their bookings and days of travel.
  • To maintain record of transactions.
  • To collect payments from the clients.

Skills and Specifications

travel consultant job skills and specifications that are required to work are:

  • You have to have good communication skills.
  • Be well organized.
  • Be able to work individually and as a team.
  • Enjoys travel and people.
  • Have a strong sales pitch.
  • Have good personal presentation.
  • Be knowledgeable of different destination places.
  • Have a wide network.
  • Able to work under pressure.

Education and Qualifications

For a travel consultant job education and qualifications that are required are a certificate in travel consultancy or a degree in business administration. Also being bilingual and having some experience is advantageous.

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