Van Driver Job Description

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Van Driver Job Profile and Description

Van Drivers are people who transport passengers and goods on behalf of a company, organization, community or agency. They mainly function as chauffeurs, taxi drivers or delivery drivers. Delivery drivers only transport goods but may also need to load, unload and carry goods throughout their working shifts. Chauffeurs and taxi drivers need to pick and drop passengers. Additionally, they might need to assist passengers in loading, unloading or carrying their luggage.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A van driver must be punctual in attendance and strictly maintain timing schedules.
  • He must maintain logs and write down details which his employer seeks during the work hour.
  • Van drivers should be expert in maintaining and handling their own vehicles.
  • Van drivers are required to maintain regular checks on their vehicles and report malfunctions to the management as soon as possible.
  • Depending on his job requirement he might need to be available on erratic hours, long shifts, holidays, weekends etc.
  • Van drivers need to have thorough knowledge of the roadways in and around their city.

Skills and Specifications

  • A van driver must be honest and reliable to his employers and should be friendly to his passengers.
  • Van drivers should always be prepared to work hard for the team and create favorable impression of his employer company to the customers.
  • He should be of sound health as his job may require him to work during night shifts, long distance travel etc.
  • He should undertake full responsibility for the security and safety of passengers/goods during transport.
  • He must abide by all traffic rules and sound traffic practices.

Education and Qualifications

A van driver must have a valid commercial driving license. Good driving records are must for this job. Some employers may seek some minimum years of experience in commercial driving while many accept zero experience candidates as well. A high school diploma is sufficient. They might need to undergo checks against criminal records, alcohol and drug abuse.

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