Waiter Bartender Job Description

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Waiter Bartender Job Profile and Description:

A waiter bartender has an important job in a restaurant or a club. He is in charge of manning the bar counter, and this involves selling drinks to clients, managing the excessively tipsy customers, ensuring that the place is cleaned up and collecting money and tips. This is a challenging job and requires immense amount of skill, practice, expertise in making drinks and managing customers. A waiter bartender job is an interesting job.

Waiter Bartender Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a waiter bartender will involve:

  • The waiter bartender has the task of selling alcohol. By tempting drunk customers they can ensure big tips. However, this has to be done in an ethical manner. If a client is too drunk, then the waiter bartender also has to ensure that he is discretely led away.
  • The waiter bartender has to ensure that he can attract customers with his way of mixing drinks. By doing so, he will ensure that customers are attracted to the bar counter, and that they will buy more drinks.
  • They have to make cocktails and other kinds of drinks extremely fast since not only will there be a demand for drinks, the fast and attractive way of making drinks is important. He has to bring in innovation in his mixology.

Waiter Bartender Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a waiter bartender must be as follows:

  • This is a very skilled job and the waiter bartender has to be correctly trained in the art of mixing drinks. This is very difficult, as the balance between the drinks has to be achieved and it requires immense training.
  • The waiter bartender should also be able to appeal to customers through his friendly nature, quips, jokes and so on, this job is primarily dependent on how the waiter bartender can popularize himself among the customers, and this too is a skill which has to be cultivated with care.

Waiter Bartender Education and Qualification:

The waiter bartender needs to have the following educational qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Vocational school in bartending

Waiter Bartender Salary:

The salary of a waiter bartender per annum is around 40,000 USD. This is dependent on the nature of the club or the restaurant, the skill and name he has attained in this profession, commission obtained and so on.

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