Waiter Job Description

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Waiter Job Profile and Description:

A waiter is responsible for serving guests and taking their orders in a restaurant or hotel. They form an important part of a restaurant as they are the first persons to interact with customers and thus need to create a good impression on them. Besides taking orders, a waiter also reads out the house specials and may guide a customer on what to choose to eat.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main duty of a waiter is to take orders and serve food and beverages to customers
  • They welcome the customers and escort them to the table
  • They take down the customer’s order and then enter that in the computer which helps in billing later
  • They pass on the order to the chefs in the kitchen and make sure that the food reaches the right table
  • They also recommend the wine and other drinks  to the customers
  • They suggest names of dishes to the customers and helps them decide which dishes may be combined
  • They garnish the items and need to check if the food has been presented well before serving it
  • Before and after every meal, they prepare the table, put new linen, set up flowers and cutlery
  • They take feedback from the customers about the food and check if the latter needs anything
  • They bring the bill to the customers

Skills and Specifications

  • A waiter must have good manners and excellent communication skills
  • He must have the basic knowledge about the food so that, if required, he can help the customer choose what to eat
  • He should be organised and be able to work well under pressure
  • He must coordinate among the different operations of the restaurant

Education and Qualifications

Even a high school graduate can become a waiter. But high-end restaurants prefer graduates or those with a hotel management degree.

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