Waiter Job Description

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Waiter Job Profile and Description

waiter is a person that takes orders and serves food to customers in restaurants. A waiter can be either male or female, but in most cases the term is used to refer to a man. Each waiter is assigned a works station i.e. the tables that they are supposed to tend to and manage.

Duties and Responsibilities

waiter job duties and responsibilities are similar to those of a bar staff and a waitress. They are:

  • To give constant attention to the guests.
  • Refill cups and glasses.
  • Give menus to the guests.
  • Explain the different meals that are offered at the restaurant.
  • Carry a customer’s food to the tables.
  • Collect payments from the customers.
  • Prepare tables, clean and clear dishes.
  • Set the table, filing of the salt and pepper shakers.
  • Keep a net and pleasant appearance.

Skills and Specifications

waiter job skills and specifications that are required to obtain a job as a waiter are:

  • Have good work ethics.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Have a pleasant personality.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be very knowledgeable on food.

Education and Qualifications

For a waiter job education and qualifications are superfluous, as on the job training is offered. You are also required to be a high school graduate and be of the age of 21 at least. In high-end restaurants, a certificate from a vocational school is required and having arithmetic knowledge is very important. You should also have some sort of experience in the field.

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