Web Editor Job Description

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Web Editor Job Profile and Description

A web editor, as the job designation clearly implies, is primarily responsible for editing the written material on a certain website or on a specific topic in various websites. Generally web editors work for a particular website or a particular company or organization whose website-related matters are to be handled by them. The website is perhaps the most effective public platform of recent times, whether it is to voice some opinion(s) or advertise a particular company’s product(s) or service(s).

The job of the web editor is to thoroughly read the matter and edit them as and where required, so as to suit the present requirements.

Web Editor Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a web editor have been discussed in the following section:

  • The basic job responsibility of a web editor is to check the material present on the website and to edit them wherever required, so as to be in compliance with the current necessities of the organization or firm.
  • Whenever a new product or service is being launched, the web editor must gather necessary information related to the same and put it on the website at the earliest possible instance.
  • The web editor must be aware of the standard norms and rights granted to the websites – it is his duty to ensure that all substances and matter put up on the website satisfy the State regulations.
  • The web editor must present the best and most suitable content on the website.
  • The subject matter must be so selected that it pertains to the current trends and demands from client side, with prospects of future development and expansion.
  • The job responsibilities of a web editor include the task of keeping a track of the website material and updating or modifying them as per needs. Any incorrect material must be immediately edited and all articles and information verified before making them official.

Web Editor Skills and Specification

The skills and specification generally possessed by a web editor include:

  • Computational skills – knowledge of each and every new technology, web-based ideas and concepts.
  • The web editor must have strong hold over language, especially English and must possess a general flair for writing.
  • Communicative abilities
  • Sense of punctuality, discipline, and team-work

Web Editor Education and Qualification

The education required to be completed and qualifications earned by a web editor include:

  • Bachelor’s in any field
  • Training and certification in computing skills
  • Experience of free-lancing and practical jobs in the concerned field of web editing

Web Editor Salary

An average web editor can earn an annual salary of $20,000 – $45,000, with experienced and skilled web editors getting paid in the upper range.

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