Welder Fabricator Job Description

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Welder Fabricator Job Description and Profile

The Welder Fabricator is an individual who involves in welding and fabricating metal assemblies and weldments for manufacturing and construction purposes. He makes use of machine tools, welding equipment and hand tools to fabricate products. The fabricators use specifications, verbal instructions, and technical drawings to execute his duty of welding the metal pieces.

They should have knowledge of welding, structural brake forming and other fabrication processes along with automated welding techniques. The duties of a welder fabricator can vary from one organization to another.

Welder Fabricator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Positioning, aligning, fitting, and welding parts for the formation of sub units or complete units using jigs, hand tools, and welding torches.
  • Identifying information by recognizing similarities or differences, categorizing, estimating, and detecting modifications in events or circumstances.
  • Locating and marking work piece cutting and bending lines, allowing for welding and machine shrinkage, stock thickness and any other component specifications.
  • Providing detailed instructions, specifications, drawings or documentation to explain others about how the components are to be constructed, modified, maintained, assembled, or fabricated.
  • Studying blueprints and engineering drawings to determine project task sequences and requirements.
  • Laying out and examining metalwork pieces or stock to be processed for ensuring that client specifications are met.
  • Handling, positioning, moving, and installing materials using arms and hands and manipulating things.
  • Setting up and operating fabricating machines like rolls, brakes, flame cutters, drill presses, grinders, and shears to cut, form, drill, bend, and punch.
  • Inspecting materials, equipment, or structures for identifying the cause of problems or errors or defects.
  • Estimating distances, quantities, and sizes; determining costs, resources, materials or time needed to execute a work activity.
  • Transcribing, storing, recording, maintaining, and entering information in electronic, written or magnetic form.

Welder Fabricator Education, Training and Qualifications

To execute the tasks of welder fabricator, he needs a specialized training which is available in high schools as an associate degree in welding technology. A candidate needs to have this degree and learn the operations of machines used for welding purposes to gain a competitive edge from other candidates.

Welder Fabricator Degrees, Courses & Certification

Many organizations offer certification courses, obtaining the certification in welding technology would fetch the candidate with more job opportunities. Candidates can go for courses that provide knowledge in mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, metallurgy, and shop mathematics.

Welder Fabricator Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of techniques to maximize the manufacture as well as distribution of goods effectively
  • Ability to operate various machines and hand tools
  • Should be able to communicate professionally, both in writing and verbally
  • Ability to perform in fast-paced environment

Welder Fabricator Salary/Wage

On an average, the annual income of a welder fabricator can be around $40,000.

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