What is a Job Description?

July 15, 2010 | By More

A Job description is a checklist of what a job involves, its non-essential and essential functions, job specifications, and other applicable information pertaining to the job. These job descriptions are important to let the applicant know about the duties and responsibilities colligated with a particular job position. Job description also facilitates the employee to understand properly the requirements of the employer, duties and responsibilities linked with the job, dedicate to the specific role he is being hired as well as be held responsible for it.

Job descriptions give a summary of important functions and expectations of particular job position to a potential employee. It helps an individual to understand the jobs and clarify work functions. The job description provides information regarding the role of a particular job and enables an individual to understand how he fits into an organization. Job descriptions also incorporate information about tools, working conditions, skills and knowledge required, equipment used, and professional relationships with other departments.

The job descriptions must be written well adopting to a standard format as no misinterpretation is caused to candidates. Therefore, the organization management assigns this task of writing a job description to a certified group of professionals while consulting the human resource department.

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