Wholesale Seller Job Description

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Wholesale Seller Job Description

A person selling merchandise to retailers and various other businesses is known as a wholesale seller. He makes the job of a retailer easy as the retailer does not have to deal with hundreds of manufacturers. A wholesale seller is not restricted to one type of industry and sells the same kind of product of different companies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A wholesale seller supplies various products to retailers. They deal directly with the retailers.
  • Their duty is also to check the stock and if required record items.
  • Wholesale sellers selling electronic and mechanical products also help in installing and maintaining it.
  • They have to streamline the inventory and also keep the system in order.
  • Some wholesale sellers also suggest the kind of advertising technique required or how to display a product.
  • At the end the day a wholesale seller sometimes needs to keep a track of the total sales done and the expenses incurred.
  • Some wholesale sellers arrange credit terms for customers as well.
  • In order to keep pace with competition, they have to attend seminars, conventions and sales meetings.

Skills and specifications:

  • A wholesale seller should be flexible, as their job may not have fixed working hours.
  • They should have good servicing skills in order to stay ahead in the competition.
  • They should be able to bear pressure and meet deadlines.

Education and Qualifications:

It is not necessary for a wholesale seller to have any specific degree, but wholesale seller selling technical products may be required to have an engineering degree or a technical training.

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