Youth Hostel Manager Job Description

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Youth Hostel Manager Job Profile and Description

A youth hostel manager is basically in charge of a hostel for young men and women and he oversees all aspects of hostel activity. This may include catering and accommodation facilities, administration and reception duties, and general management. Duties of the youth hostel manager vary according to the size of the hostel.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The youth hostel manager has to market the business and advise members
  • He has to set up and maintain a budget
  • He must supervise the reception and take bookings
  • He is also in charge of planning menus and arranging catering for the people staying there
  • He has to arrange for laundry services and linen supplies
  • He plans the staff rosters and their duties
  • He must purchase supplies, make sure the supplies are well-stocked and arrange repairs if required
  • He is responsible for training, recruiting and supervising staff
  • He has to inspect hostel areas and see that health and safety regulations and cleanliness standards are met
  • He has to supervise and develop hostel educational activities, recreation facilities, and other programmes
  • Some of them may have to live in or outside the hostel

Skills and Specifications

  • A youth hostel manager must be friendly yet strict
  • He should be organised and plan his chores well
  • He must have good communication and leadership skills
  • He should be able to coordinate among divisions
  • He must set an example of following rules and should be disciplined

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a youth hostel manager, one needs to have degree or diploma in any hospitality –related course which is provided by many private and public institutes. Most managers start as assistant managers and with relevant work experience work up their way to become deputy and senior managers.

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