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5 tips to get hired for a trainee position in Norway

5 tips to get hired for a trainee position in Norway

Recognize what abilities you have built through your education or previous work

What skills did you develop in your classes? Think about the different kinds – scholastic, hard skills, and soft skills. For one, in your financial courses, you gain the ability to think precisely and thoroughly. And if your school lessons include group work, you have developed communication skills. 

In addition, remember to reflect on the knowledge and skills you have gained from other experiences like volunteering, as well as other internships and work.

Become aware of yourself and your unique abilities 

How do you usually go forward when you have a new challenge to tackle? What you do in these situations will determine what kind of person you are, and your potential employer cares about this too. In the recruitment process and when you go to get interviewed, you have to be aware of your personal strengths, and how you’ve used them, in order to bring backbone to your statements. 

There are two ways in which you can make this happen. One, you beg for help from a friend or family member. Or two, you brainstorm all the different words and qualities that best fit yourself, put 2-5 of them down on paper, and then write a specific situation in which you’ve demonstrated the quality. 

Understand why you want to work for this company 

Your motivation for applying to the job is a major determining factor that employers will look at when considering different candidates. Having knowledge of the industry, the firm, and the work responsibilities are just some of the requirements. Ask yourself what it is that gives you a burning desire to work for this company and no other? Attempt to put it down in plain text, and think hard on the different reasons – this can make it easier for you to gain the answers you seek. 

Adapt your CV to the job

Your resume is a crucial document to get right when you’re going to søke læreplass in Norway. Start out by reading the job announcement thoroughly to become aware of what the company is looking for in an ideal candidate. You don’t have to match with every qualification to have a go with an application. Candidates should demonstrate their knowledge, academic background, and their potential to flourish within the organization. 

Also, it’s important to include mainly the most relevant experiences you have, so that you don’t exceed the two-page CV that most companies want to see. You can also include hobbies and activities you like outside of academia, since some companies want a more holistic view of you as a person.

Tailor each cover letter

Your cover letter is probably one of the most important things you need to nail in order to get the job. By doing it right, you are able to show why you want the job, and why the company must absolutely hire you. 

Your cover letter needs to show the experience you’ve built through different jobs, and how it relates to the position you want.

If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll be much more likely to get hired for a trainee position in Norway.