How to Write a Job Description

Job Description

When a company needs a candidate that have the right skills and experience to fit the job profile, they need to make a job description that can filter out the applications and reach out to the people who possess the right worthiness for the job. The best job description should have information about the role, a bit of marketing about the company, required skills, and the work environment of the organization. If this is your first time writing a job description, you should understand the importance of it to find a worthy candidate while delivering information about your company that will make a candidate comfortable to apply. Here are some tips for writing the job description.

Get the job title right

The most important part of the job description is its title. While you can simply post the opening of your company as the title, here is where you can be most creative to find a candidate. Do not confuse your candidate with a JD that you feel is witty and smart. Instead, try to keep it more formal. Making your job title esoteric to make it stand out may also backfire in confusing the candidates about the actual job role.

Include an overview

Include an overview

If a candidate does not have any idea about your company, they can use the overview, which explains the requirements of your company and the work culture. Convey how the job position needs a worthy candidate that will help the company and society as a whole.

Avoid superlatives and extreme modifiers

You do not need to glorify your image in front of the candidates to get their attention. Using words like “best of the best” will create doubt among candidates. Instead, use words like perfectionists or futuristic to sound more professional and aware of your company. Still, a formal approach while describing yourself is the best way to communicate directly to the candidate.

Focus on the responsibilities of the company

Avoid writing down every single task that the candidate needs to know in the job description and try to create a list of roles that explains everything about their role in the company. You can categorize different roles under technical requirements, management requirements, and communication requirements. Explain how their role will contribute to the company as a whole.

Take the help of current employees

current employees

If you have been using the same job description for years, even though your company has grown through time, you may miss out on new information. According to research, women tend not to apply for the job roles they do not qualify for. There might be some criteria that need an upgrade if you have not been receiving many applications in the past. Take the help of your employees to understand what can be improved in the JD.