Animal Technologist Job Description

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Animal Technologist Job Profile and Description:

An Animal Technologist is a person who is in charge of animals in a laboratory used for conducting experiments and research. The prime responsibilities of an animal technologist include upkeep of cages, trays and equipments, provide feed to the animals at regular intervals, administer medicines to the animals, obtaining samples of animals necessary for conducting experiments according to the guidance of the research scientist, monitor animals for any physical and behavioural changes etc.  

Animal Technologist Duties and Responsibilities:

An Animal Technologist would need to perform the below mentioned duties and responsibilities.

  • All the animal cages, pens, trays need to be cleaned and maintained correctly.
  • The candidate needs to look after all the needs of the animals like the food and water.
  • Have a proper record of each animal’s health and behavior patterns.
  • Administer safe and secure measures while shifting or handling the animals.
  • Must be in a position to take care of the health of animals and also check and monitor pregnancies and care for the new born animals.
  • They are also responsible in selecting the animals needed for the research.
  • Responsible for obtaining the samples and also taking the correct measurements needed.
  • They are also responsible to administer the medicines to be given to all the animals.
  • All the research information must be collected and maintained in a perfect order.

Animal Technologist Skills and Specifications:

An Animal Technologist should possess various skills and specification as mentioned below:

  • The candidate should be skilled to handle animals easily.
  • They should possess high level of interest and enthusiasm.
  • A good confidence level and a positive attitude are very important.
  • Must be able to work in a team without any differences.
  • They should be very healthy and physically fit for the position.
  • Should possess skills of understanding and interpreting the needs of the animals.
  • Must be very organized to be able to handle records and research findings effectively.

Animal Technologist Education and Qualification:

An Animal Technologist must have following education and qualifications:

  • Though there is no minimum educational requirement for this post but a degree in biology, pathology, toxicology, animal care would improve the chances of the candidate for getting a better position.
  • A master’s degree in veterinary science will prove to be an added advantage.

Animal Technologist Salary:

The average salary earned by an animal technologist is around $31000 per annum which may also vary depending upon the experience and qualifications of the candidate.

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