Assembly Technician Job Description

August 4, 2010 | By More

Assembly Technician Job Profile and Description

An assembly technician is part of a team who assemble a whole product or individual parts of a manufactured item. The technician’s expert in a particular task which they are assigned to do. Assembly technicians are also called assemblers or assembly operators.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A assembly technician must understand the details of assembly drawings and bills of materials
  • He must have knowledge of using all parts, equipment, tools and different techniques
  • He should correctly complete all relevant paperwork and also follow deadlines
  • He must follow orders and assembly data sheets etc
  • They operate automated equipment on an assembly line, usually inside a plant
  • They not only run machines, but also they make alignments, repairs and inspect the parts
  • They need to pay attention to the clearance requirements of moving parts to make adjustments to speed, timing or output, thereby ensuring continuity, quality and safety
  • They handle various raw materials and give suggestions on ways to improve the product or the manufacturing processes

Skills and Specifications

  • Team work is necessary in this line of work and so one must know how to coordinate with other employees
  • They must be detail-oriented and organised as accidents may occurs if they are not careful
  • They are required to have dexterity so they can work with small components
  • They must also be physically healthy to be able to lift heavy items
  • Sometimes they have to work for long hours on their feet, so requires stamina and strength
  • They should be able to understand technical documentation, blueprints, charts, operating instructions etc

Education and Qualifications

An assembly technician generally needs to have a high school degree. Some companies offer apprenticeship programmes and on the job-training. For senior positions one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in his specific line of work.

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