Assistant bank manager Job Description

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Assistant bank manager Job Profile and Description

Every bank manger needs an assistant who would help him supervise the operations in a branch. Here the assistant bank manager or a team of assistant managers play an important role. They have to help oversee the running of an entire branch, or a number of small branches.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The assistant bank manager has to motivate and encourage staff to keep the branch or branches running efficiently
  • He has to set targets and make sure that they are met on time
  • Besides working with staff, he has to look after the business and individual customer accounts
  • He must have knowledge of the government rules and regulations and it his is job to keep all policies in order
  • He must maintain good customer relationships as he is one of the first points of contacts for customer disputes
  • He also has to answer a number of more complex queries from the customers and solve the problems
  • Besides looking after the functioning of the bank, he is also responsible for marketing and has to bring in new customers, thereby boosting the bank’s profits

Skills and Specifications

  • Assistant bank managers must have excellent communications skills and must interact cordially with customers
  • They must be able to work under pressure and be calm even in unpleasant situation
  • They must be good leaders and motivate their subordinates
  • They need to have good math and analytical skills
  • They must be able to work in a team and should be adaptable
  • They must be honest and maintain customer confidentiality

Education and Qualifications

One needs an MBA degree or at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. They must start as bank clerks and work their way up the ladder. Knowledge of computers is also required.

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