Band Teacher Job Description

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A band teacher is a teacher who is responsible for directing a band and teaching it how to perform in sync. A band teacher gives band marching orders and imparts his/her knowledge and education to the band members about playing of various musical instruments etc.

A band teacher has to perform many duties and responsibilities and for this, he/she must be sufficiently educated and qualified. The following is a detailed band teacher job description which can be read to learn more about this job.

Band Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

A band teacher must perform the following given responsibilities and duties:

  • A band teacher is responsible for identifying which pupil plays which musical instrument well and allot him/her that position in the band.
  • He/she is responsible for selecting the best performers from a group of students and polish their musical instrument playing skills further.
  • A band teacher must compose a musical tune and teach students how to perform in it with properly synchronisation.
  • It is the duty of a band teacher to observe students and their weaknesses to help them improve and perfect their skills.
  • Another responsibility of a band teacher is to evaluate the students, mark them for their performance and make sure that they are ready to give a stage performance for a competition or music event etc.

Band Teacher Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills and specifications which every band teacher must possess:

  • A band teacher must be extremely knowledgeable about music, sound, musical instruments and music composition etc.
  • He/she must have strong observational skills and leadership skills to be able to manage a band properly.
  • A band teacher must be focused, hardworking, diligent and must be very creative as well.
  • A band teacher should have strong organisational and managerial skills as well.

Band teacher Education and Qualification

The following are the band teacher educational qualifications:

  • Knowledge of music and musical instruments is a must for any band teacher.
  • Most employers ask for a bachelor’s degree in a field related to music or at least an associate degree or diploma in music education from anyone who wishes to apply for the job of a band teacher.
  • License to teach is another necessary requirement for a band teacher.

Band Teacher Salary

On an average, any one working at the position of a band teacher can expect to earn an annual salary of $38000-$43000 with an experience of 0-2 years

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