Construction Safety Coordinator Job Description

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Construction Safety Coordinator Job Profile and Description

Every construction site is full of risks and dangers. If proper care is not taken, then any construction worker can be at risk of injury or even greater harm. For this reason, construction contractors or companies hire construction safety coordinators to ensure that all the tasks are being done in safe ways and proper protocol is applied at construction sites.   These professionals are also required to replace injured workers and reduce risk of accidents on site which can lead to several safety related cost reductions as well.  The following given information will throw more light on the role and description of a construction safety coordinator’s job.

Construction Safety Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Given below is a list of the main job responsibilities and duties of a construction safety coordinator:

  • To create and develop policies to protect property of the employer and keep workers on the site safe.
  • In case of accidents, the coordinator must investigate the reason and cause of the accident and evaluate the kind of loss that is incurred due to it.
  • To plan safety precautions on construction sites and implement them strongly among workers and other technicians.
  • To develop ways to minimize accident risk.
  • To provide safety training to all the workers and include topics like fire prevention, fire protection etc.
  • To conduct regular safety inspections on construction sites and eliminate any unsafe practice that is being carried out.
  • To make quick first aid available to all construction workers.


Construction Safety Coordinator Skills and Specifications

A construction safety coordinator must fulfil the following given skill requirements.

  • Strong observation skills to observe site and look for any unsafe practice.
  • Good interpersonal skills to train workers and explain safety protocol.
  • To be reliable and responsible so as to ensure safety of all.
  • Good sense of discipline and protocol.
  • Ability to spend long hours on construction sites and think of new ways to provide top level safety.


Construction Safety Coordinator Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational qualifications needed by a Construction Safety Coordinator:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject or field is often a mandatory requirement for construction safety coordinators.
  • 2-4 years of relevant experience in the construction or safety related field.

Construction Safety Coordinator Salary

On an average, any person working as a construction safety coordinator can expect to take home an yearly salary of $51475.

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