Construction Site Coordinator Job Description

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Construction site coordinator Job Profile and Description

A Construction site coordinator is a person whose primary job is to regularly inspect the site of construction and administer the performance of the project.  It is the task of a site coordinator of construction to see to it that proper quality materials and high standard services are being done at the site. He/she coordinates and obtains all kinds of permits for the project and needs to be present on the site daily for proper supervision and problem solving. To be an effective and efficient site coordinator for construction site, one needs to have the right skills and ample amount of work experience in the field. More details about the job description of a construction site coordinator are given below

Construction site coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Given below are the main job duties and responsibilities of a construction site coordinator:

  • To act as a link between the project designers and workers to make sure that there is proper communication and coordination in their activities and actions.
  • To coordinate with supplies manager to ensure that all supplies and materials are present adequately.
  • To ensure that all workers are working as per guidelines and none of them is facing any problems.
  • To prepare documents, reports and to maintain records related to the progress of construction work.
  • To gather all the permits for the project and evaluate budget requirements.

Construction site coordinator Skills and Specifications

The following are the main skills needed by a person who works as a construction site coordinator:

  • Very good organizational abilities and coordination qualities.
  • A strong personality and effective interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with different workers effectively.
  • Good managerial and administrative qualities and strong knowledge of construction materials and procedures.
  • Good project management skills and dedication.
  • Ability to multi task and perform various types of duties on an everyday basis.
  • Hardworking nature, physical strength and punctuality.

Construction site coordinator Education and Qualification

Given below are the educational qualifications needed by a construction site coordinator:

  • A high school diploma is a mandatory requirement for a person who wants to work at this position.
  • Bachelor’s degree might be preferred but is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Enough experience of working at construction sites or other administrative positions.

Construction site coordinator Salary

The average annual salary which a construction site coordinator can expect to earn is $51219. This figure may vary depending upon the exact scale of construction projects.

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