Employee Relations Manager Job Description

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Employee Relations Manager Job Profile and Description

Human resources are one of the most important resources for any organisation in every sector and every economy. Finding human resources as per requirements and placing them efficiently is critical to smooth functioning of the organisation. But after these tasks are done, the employees/ human resources need to be satisfied with their work and working environment.

Here the employee relations manager steps in and does the needful. He/ she manage the communication that happens between the business and the employees. This profile has become more important with time and includes a number of responsibilities/ duties to be fulfilled by the individual.

Employee Relations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities asked of an employee relations manager are:

  • Put in place the company’s policies, programs and procedures in reference to employee management.
  • Inculcate good communication networks to maintain positive relations between the employees and the management/ business.
  • Regularly maintain communication networks and keep accessing the employee satisfaction with the help of these networks.
  • Work on developing new designs/ mediums/ strategies to develop and nurture positive employee relations.
  • Amicably sort out any tiffs or troubles that may arouse in the working environment to the satisfaction of all.

Employee Relations Manager Skills and Specifications

The required skills are:

  • A people person with a calm and composed attitude
  • A sense of fairness and well being for all
  • Possess ability to differentiate between situations that need gentle approach and ones that need aggressive approach.
  • Have managerial abilities to handle his/ her team
  • Be good at organising and planning in reference to the position
  • Well versed with the official language and a good communicator
  • Technical knowledge about the workings of the organisation

Employee Relations Manager Education and Qualification

Following are the educational and other requirements that must be fulfilled by those applying for the position of employee relations manager:

  • A bachelor’s degree in human resource management (preferred) or related field is required.
  • A master’s level degree in HR management or other field from state accredited institutions is another basic requirement for almost all organisations.
  • The individual before beginning as an employee relations manager must have some experience in the segment of the organisation/ industry/ sector.

Employee Relations Manager Salary

Employee relations managers earn salaries varying from $ 68,872 up to $ 128,441 per annum. The huge disparities exist due to the nature, type, size and sector of existence for the organisation.

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