Geodetic Engineer Job Description

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Geodetic Engineer Job Profile and Description

Geodetics is the field of study which uses applied mathematics and earth science techniques to make proper measurement and representations in reference to land or earth. The purpose is to conduct surveys and collect data on specific locations and use it for variety of technical purposes. This field of study is most prominently used in industries like cartography, construction, offshore engineer and offshore explorations etc.

Geodetic Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The geodetic engineers have to fulfil the following responsibilities and perform the duties:

  • A geodetic engineer must discuss with the clients or the superiors, the requirements of the project and make notes to it.
  • He/she must also collect the survey data for the respective land points where the project/ operation is located.
  • To verify and authenticate the correctness/ originality of the data collected through the survey.
  • To arrange the data and then analyse it to ensure that the land survey standards meet the specifications for the project.
  • Maintain the whole database for all the geodetic and other related information.
  • Process the data and undertake digital mapping as and when required.
  • Use the geographical information system to analyse the site features and draw inferences thereon.
  • Present the data and the results with the use of computer aided and other IT software.

Geodetic EngineerSkills and Specifications

Possessing the following skills or attributes helps in geodesy as a field of employment:

  • Responsible with quick thinking
  • Analytical
  • Problem solving ability
  • Team layer and promoter of coordination
  • Comfortable when working alone as well
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent and accurate when dealing with numbers
  • Knowledge of the computer software used in geographical studies
  • Decision making ability
  • Good with both 2D as well as 3D conceptualisation.

Geodetic Engineer Education and Qualification

Entry to the field of geodesy is possible if the individual meets following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s level degree in fields like civil engineering, structural engineering, geology, environmental sciences, earth sciences, applied mathematics and applied physics etc.
  • Holding a degree of post grad level in above mentioned fields may be a requirement for many organisations.
  • Having prior work experience is beneficial to grab positions beyond entry level positions.

Geodetic Engineer Salary

There are many segments/ types within the geodetic sciences which causes for huge variations in the salary received by the professionals. However the average salary stated to be earned by geodetic professionals is $73,400 per annum.

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