Hair Salon Manager Job Description

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Hair Salon Manager Job Profile and Description

Hair salons are the professional businesses where individuals go to get hair treatments and hair related beauty procedures like haircuts, hair spa, hair styling etc. A hair salon manager is the individual who is responsible for the day to day operations of the respective salon and is answerable to the owner of the salon. The individual has to manage the whole staff and ensure that everything goes on smoothly. The following is a job description of a hair salon manager.

Hair Salon Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties or responsibilities laid upon the hair salon manager include:

  • The hair salon manager is responsible for managing the staff and motivating them to do their best while working in coordination.
  • It is the duty of the manager to ensure that everyone works in proper harmony and discipline/ decorum of the salon is maintained.
  • The responsibility of the salon manger also includes placing orders for all the products and equipment that are needed in the respective salon.
  • The manager has to ensure that all the safety measures and regulations are being followed in the salon and that any violations are corrected immediately.
  • Maintain harmonious relations with all the clients and business associates are also the responsibility of the salon manager.

Hair Salon ManagerSkills and Specifications

The skills which will help a hair salon manager perform at his/ her job are:

  • Organisation skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Excellent communication skills and command over the language
  • Motivational abilities
  • Time management skills while prioritising important tasks
  • Team player
  • Leader who leads by setting example
  • Well versed with the knowledge of computer software that may be used in work
  • Knowledge about the safety measures and regulations/ legislations set by the state/ federal authorities.

Hair Salon Manager Education and Qualification

There is no set educational requirement that is to be met by those who wish to become hair salon managers. Some of the high end salons may however require the salon manager to have a bachelor’s level degree or diploma is a suitable field.

Those with prior work experience will always be preferred over others even though there are no experience requirements as well.

Hair Salon Manager Salary

The stated median salary that a hair salon manager will receive is about $ 38,000 per annum. The variations between $27k and $50k may occur because of the size and type and market share and the experience of the candidate.

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