Hotel Receptionist Job Description

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Hotel Receptionist Job Profile and Description

A Hotel Receptionist job outlook involves dealing with guests on a daily basis. As you work on this field you will check in and out guests. Take reservations as part of administration work and offering valuable information regarding accommodation and services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

A hotel receptionist job duties and responsibilities are the following:

  • Receiving and registering guests as the arrive
  • Control advance booking and reservations
  • Receive mails and direct them to the guests in the hotel
  • Receive the payment for accommodation
  • Allocation of rooms
  • Compilation of guest bills
  • Storage of records
  • Handling of client taxi requests
  • Safe keeping of client valuables
  • Handling guest requests like providing extra beddings or offering a certain kind of food.

Skills and Specifications

To be able to work well in this field, a hotel receptionist job skills and specifications below are needed.

  • Welcoming to guests, friendliness and a helpful attitude
  • Ability to use a computer and be familiar with various software
  • Be organized and should be able to multitask
  • Have a smart outward appearance and cheerful attitude
  • Have the love for dealing with clients without being irritable
  • Have a professional demeanor at all times
  • Ability to handle tough and challenging situations while calm
  • Ability to work for long hours and at times over the weekends without much rest

Education and Qualifications

To work as a hotel receptionist you need to possess a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications.

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