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July 15, 2010 | By More

The job description is drafted out after the result of job analysis. However, what is job analysis? Yes, Job analysis is the process in which various strategies, mechanisms, systems and people of the company are involved in identifying the job responsibilities, duties, skills needed, and other requirements related with a job position. This job analysis is also done inside the organization to measure the employee’s performance, decide on the employee’s appraisal and rewarding policies, training sessions needed for the development of employee’s skills and working knowledge.

How is this job analysis done? The job analysis is done using several ways with the help of managers and human resource personnel. Interviews with supervisors and employees working in the same domain as the job belongs to, can extract important specifications and other related information.
In addition, questionnaires are used in recording down the answers related with the job and other work related queries. Thus, the employees’ way of thinking and their assessment can be done to ascertain their performance. Even the personnel involved in job analysis monitor the job activities of the employees by joining along with them and getting the real insight of the activities. Thus, they get to know better about the job duties, so that they can write a good job description. Job analysis is not just about recording job description, but also used to measure and evaluate performance of the employees. Thus job analysis does not always results in job description, but in addition also used to find the reasons for dissatisfaction among employees and need to enhance knowledge by imparting training to them.

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