Legal Services Director Job Description

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Legal Services Director Job Profile and Description

Legal services also referred to as legal aid, is a specific and separate department in an organisation which is required to handle the legal aspect of the business. There may also be entities whose sole function is to provide legal aid i.e. legal services. Legal services director is a key executive position in this department of an organisation which is required to handle all the top and important execution related duties.

The individual is responsible for the functioning of the whole legal aid/ services department and is accountable for provision of proper services and resolution of all legal matters.

Legal Services Director Duties and Responsibilities

The legal services director has to fulfil array of duties and responsibilities and some of the major ones include the following:

  • Provide proper legal advice to the board and all the senior partners/ manager of the organisation.
  • Ensure that all the state/ federal legal and regulatory requirements are met by the organisation in functioning.
  • Brings coordination in the work of the internal and the external legal staff.
  • Contributes to the direction, organisation policy and management of all the departments from a legal/ regulatory point of view.

Legal Services Director Skills and Specifications

The skills set needed of the legal services director include:

  • Must have impeccable organisational, managerial and business skills.
  • Be a leader, team player and a motivator.
  • Great interpersonal skills and a matching attitude
  • Well versed with all the required and relevant computer software
  • Good analytical and observation abilities along with sharp mind.

Legal Services Director Education and Qualification

The legal services director job profiles calls for the following educational qualifications:

  • A law degree of the graduate level from a state accredited law school is a must.
  • Besides possessing the above stated degree level the individual must also be registered with the BAR or respective state entity.
  • A position like the services director is a key position and hence the individual must have good experience in the field. Most firms require at least 5 years of experience in the field.

Legal Services Director Salary

The median salary for the legal services director is stated to vary from $140,000 to about $190,000 per annum. The salary varies depending upon various factors like the organisation size, type, the sector of operation, business share, qualifications and experience of the candidate.

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