Mining Safety Engineer Job Description

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Mining Safety Engineer Job Profile and Description

Mining is a very technical process which is used for extraction of geological minerals from the earth. Naturally there are many dangers in this process and hence the need to take certain precautionary measure.

The mining safety engineers are those individuals who work on such projects and ensure that the project is safe and sound from all the possible different angles/ aspects. All the mining sites must have a mining safety engineer involved in every single project.

Mining Safety Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The stated responsibilities and duties which the mining safety engineer must meet are given below.

  • A mining safety engineer isresponsible for ensuring that the whole mining project plan adheres to the safety measures/ safeguards that are set for the respective project type.
  • He/ she must ensure the adherence prior to the implementation of the project. But in case the violations are discovered post the implementation of the project, he/ she are responsible for making the required changes so that the safety is ensured.
  • To ensure that all the equipment being used is quality and is updated/ repaired and maintained properly.
  • To provide the required and adequate technical training to the employees.
  • He/ she must put in place a proper safety plan for all those working on the project, in case of a mishap.

Mining Safety Engineer Skills and Specifications

The mining safety engineers should possess the following skill set:

  • Must be well informed about all the safety measure and regulations set by the organisation as well as the governing authorities (local/ state/ federal).
  • Have the ability to direct and manage a lot of field/ other staff.
  • Communication skills to converse with the top management, subordinates as well as juniors in both technical and non technical terms.
  • Analytical ability to conduct proper assessment of the projects and draw inferences.
  • Organisational, planning and leadership skills.

Mining Safety Engineer Education and Qualification

The stated educational qualifications for those who want to work as mining safety engineers are given below.

  • Those who wish to start a career as a mining safety engineer must hold a bachelor’s degree in the fields like mechanical engineer or any other technical engineer segment.
  • Some firms/ organisation may require the candidate to have an experience of working in the mining industry for a certain period of time; though this is not always essential.

Mining Safety Engineer Salary

The salary for a mining safety engineer would fall anywhere between the averages of $35,000 per annum and $125,000 beginning with entry level to higher positions.

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