Solar Energy Job Description

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Solar Energy Job Profile and Description

Through a system called photovoltaic process, radiation from the sun can be converted into electricity, and then used as solar energy to power almost anything other natural resources do. Solar energy technicians install, maintain, operate, and test equipment and energy systems that use solar energy. They can range from plumbers, carpenters, roofers, sheet metal workers, architects or engineers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A solar energy technician helps in the construction and installation of active systems, which require solar collectors, concentrators, pumps and fans
  • He also helps install passive systems, which depend on the best use of windows and insulation to absorb and reflect solar radiation for heating and cooling purposes
  • Some help in building solar energy systems that use mirrors to absorb and convert the sun’s radiation into heat energy
  • They design apparatus where a fluid circulates among the mirrors collecting the heat from the sun and then transfers it to a central boiler or steam turbine, which eventually generates the electricity
  • Besides knowing the technicalities of the equipment, they must know which apparatus would be ideal for what purposes and on what scale
  • Some of them may help install equipment in factories or even in buildings and private houses

Skills and Specifications

  • Team work is necessary in this line
  • Working conditions may be tough and physically demanding so technicians must have good stamina
  • They may have to work for long hours in rough weather

Education and Qualifications

There are courses and programmes available through vocational schools or companies themselves, which give special training in solar energy technology and provide with certification. These programmes provide practical and theoretical courses, including subjects like math, science, photovoltaics, solar-thermal systems, and solar architecture. Besides this, one needs to have high school degrees for installation or repair purposes as most of the work is learnt on the field.

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