Surgical Technologist Job Description

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Surgical Technologist Job Profile and Description

A surgical technologist, as the term denotes, is an expert at operations and technological aspects included in a surgical process or unit. The technicalities that need to be handled, equipments used and devices taken help of, medicines and their appropriate dosage related to the specific surgery are known to and handled by a surgical technologist.

The job profile of a surgical technologist may seem somewhat similar to that of a surgical assistant, but it is not so; in fact, they differ largely at the very point that the technologist needs to know and provide for all surgery requirement, whereas an assistant actually performs the prerequisites to the actual surgery. It is important to understand that the technologist is the one who takes care of all requirements to be present in the operation theater, so as to ensure effective execution of the surgery.

Surgical Technologist Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a surgical technologist include:

  • The surgical technologist needs to properly understand the type of surgery to be conducted and the condition of the patient, and make arrangements of all requirements accordingly.
  • The necessary equipments, tools and instruments, medicines, injections, etc. need to be prearranged for and kept in a clean, sterilized, and ready-to-use state by the surgical technologist.
  • The surgical technologist needs to provide assistance with all necessities to the surgeon and other doctors or professionals involved as well.
  • A surgical technologist needs to perform not only his individual duties but should also work coherently and be in sync with other technicians as well. Any error due to lack of synchronization of professionals involved in the surgery may cause havoc to the patient’s life.
  • It is a major responsibility of the surgical technologist to communicate with his superiors and also the surgeon to be clear about the surgery and related issues such as patient’s health and complexity of the disease, course of treatment, medications, etc.

Surgical Technologist Skills and Specifications

  • Technical skills and technological aptitude, as applied to surgery and specific areas of operation, are important.
  • Interpersonal skills need to be possessed.
  • Ability to understand quickly and perfection in handling particular equipments and practice of related tasks is required.

Surgical Technologist Education and Qualification

The education and qualification standards to be maintained by a surgical technologist include:

  • A basic education is required; minimum qualifications of High school degree and graduation in any related field are necessary.
  • Associate’s degree is expected of surgical technologists.
  • Training courses need to completed under State registered institutes and authentic certificates provided.
  • Government licensure is compulsory for surgical technologists.

Surgical Technologist Salary

A surgical technologist may earn an average salary of $39,000 per annum in the U.S.

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