Trade Marketing Manager Job Description

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Trade Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

Trade marketing is one of the many segments/ parts of the whole marketing process. This particular discipline concerns with marketing of the product at the wholesale and retailer (i.e. distributor) level. The trade marketing manager thus is the one who manages this function of the organisation.

He/ she through his/ her actions ensure that the retailers and the wholesalers buy their products while promoting them against the competitors. There are many ways in which these managers accomplish this purpose of their employment. The responsibilities, duties, educational requirements for this position are given below.

Trade Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Trade marketing responsibilities/ duties to be held on by the manager are as follows:

  • To put in place appropriate targets, objective and goals for the business based on the nature and the charter of the organisation is the responsibility of the trade marketing manager.
  • The next most important part of the job is to prepare a trade marketing strategy for the business in conformity with business goals and aims.
  • Develop and execute the plans to enhance the presence of the respective product/ service in the industry.
  • Maintain and nurture proper, efficient communication channels between various channels of distribution for smooth functioning.
  • Devise incentive plans for the various retailer, wholesalers etc.
  • Take regular feedback from all the elements of the distribution chain and incorporate it in their plan of action.

Trade Marketing Manager Skills and Specifications

Skills/ abilities essential to functioning in the segment as manager:

  • Excellent knowledge of the market and ability to incorporate it in his/ her work.
  • Team management, team player and leadership skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to analyse and interpret data
  • Persistent behaviour with strong will.
  • Calm and sensible decision maker even in extreme situations.

Trade Marketing Manager Education and Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing or any other business related discipline is essential.
  • A working experience in the field of marketing and/ or trade marketing for periods varying with the requirements of the organisation.
  • Those with master’s degree in similar discipline as mentioned above if not essential will be preferred.

Trade Marketing Manager Salary

The average salary for trade marketing managers is estimated to be around $95,000 per annum. The variations occur based on the location, type, market share, market type and other features of an organisation.

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