Transportation coordinator job description

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Transportation coordinator Job Profile and Description

A transportation coordinator is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the means of transport like buses, vans and the drivers of a company or organisation. He sees to it that the staff members are safe and makes sure that don’t face any transportation-related problem. He also has to comply with the company, state and federal guidelines and looks after the maintenance and care of company vehicles.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A transportation coordinator checks and packs equipment or food and dairy items as specified by the customer for flights
  • He has to finalise meal counts, report reason for any up-count or missed meals
  • He is responsible for dispatching the proper loading of trucks to aircraft
  • He also performs field checks and ensures safety on the field and the kitchen
  • He has to perform his duties of the transportation department positions when required
  • He must give reports on the working condition of company vehicles and equipment
  • He is also responsible for filing reports for any delay, incident or accident
  • He keeps communication open with drivers, day program staff, staff members etc
  • Coordinates the maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • He may be required to serve as a driver when necessary
  • He must oversee and schedule the day to day activities of transportation employees
  • He must adhere to security and operational procedures

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have at least basic technical knowledge of automobiles, as he has to write reports on the working condition of the company transport
  • He must have good organisational skills in order to coordinate and see that all the employees are getting their transport on time

Education and Qualifications

Most companies hire graduates for this job, as this usually doesn’t require any specialization.

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