Waitress Job Description

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Waitress Job Profile and Description

waitress is a female member of the waiting staff in a restaurant or café, and whose work is to attend to customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

waitress job duties and responsibilities are no different from that of the bar staff, because they too make up the bar staff. These duties include;

  • Checking a customer’s identification before serving any alcoholic drinks.
  • Escort customers to their dining tables.
  • Explain what is in the menu and the day’s specials.
  • Prepare the customers’ checks.
  • Set the tables.
  • Take the customers orders.
  • Inform customers of how their order is coming along.
  • Keep the guests happy.
  • Recording of all food orders for the cooks.
  • Serve the customer.
  • Check if the customer is comfortable and is enjoying the meal.
  • Clearing of dishes when a customer is done.

Skills and Specifications

waitress job skills and specifications that you should include;

  • You should be able to read a customer’s body language to know when they are ready to order.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Know a lot about the food served at the restaurant.
  • Be friendly.
  • Know how to handle tough situations.

Education and Qualifications

For a waitress job education and qualifications, formal education is not very important. But you have to be at the very least a high school graduate. For large restaurants where some form of education is required, there are vocational schools that one can attend. Previous experience is a must.

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