Web Developer Job description

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Web Developer Job Profile & Description

A Web Developer creates and designs clients’ websites according to specification. Web development is any activity related to building a web site. It typically refers only to the non-design aspects of constructing web sites like markup writing and coding.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • To design and develop websites ensuring strong optimization and functionality
  • To assist in the planning of overall company policy regarding search engine optimization and web development
  • To monitor site technical performance and web server
  • Work on projects including web layout enhancements, desktop applications, website enhancements, web-based applications, and database-backed websites.
  • Code web pages utilizing CSS and XHTML and programming languages including JavaScript, SQL and PHP and combinations of languages for instance AJAX.
  • Interact with servers using SSH, FTP and Telnet protocols.
  • Work in a variety of development frameworks including Ruby on Rails, .NET, PEAR and Smarty.
  • Work with various database systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server and frameworks including ADO and ODBC.
  • Analyze, review and modify web systems by designing, maintaining, documenting, testing, developing and monitoring

Skills and specifications

Good understanding of major operating systems

Desire to stay updated on current and new technologies

Ability to multitask and strong time management and organizational skills

Good written and verbal communication skills.

Excellent communication skills and attention to detail

Education and Qualifications

At least a 2 year degree/ diploma in a computer-related field (computer science/programming).

Knowledge of common programming languages including XML and PHP

In depth knowledge of ASP, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, HTML and XHTML

Good database knowledge especially SQL Server or MySQL

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